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    Ronan Healy

    I’m sure like everyone else, you are busy with all the different tasks you have to complete each day. For some the tasks are the same each day or each week so it is manageable. For oKthers though, it can be very varied and all the different tasks need to be managed.

    I ask because I have recently heard about the bullet journal and how some people organise their life that way.

    I, myself usually complete stuff in the form of a check-list. It always helps me. Do a task, complete and tick it off. The one bad thing about check-lists though is that if it is a large task or one that takes a large amount of time, it might not work on a checklist.

    So out of curiosity, how do you organise yourself at work? Do you have a system that is error proof?


    You can use your email calendar to stay on top of meetings, deadlines and tasks.

    Another useful tool is “Base Camp“.


    For NGO’s there is also to consider, I have had great success with it.

    At work I use Outlook Tasks

    Privately I use “remember the milk” which I have configured with multiple checklists of recurring activities and shopping lists (one fore groceries, one for LEGO ;-))

    Ronan Healy

    @jesper-lindholt-ottosen I had tried Remember the Milk before but it didn’t really suit me.

    I use Outlook Tasks now toIo for those things that I am likely to forget.

    Had not heard of Basecamp @tassaweramin but I will be sure to give that a go.

    Good suggestions. The one thing about these tools is that you have to spend the time setting up with them and adding notes to them. Trying to find the time to do that can be the hardest!


    Usualy I use simple sticky notes =) Just kidding. If those are plain tasks then – Google sheets, If it is something related to QA I use newly found EasyQA which suits me more then well, because of its decent functionality and it is free.


    I find asana pretty useful.


    I am using Wunderlist, appreciating much it’s cross-platform.


    I use only outlook and calender, that is all I need to organize my day tasks

    José Ramón

    I use bullet journal system but without the writing paper part, for that I use OneNote in Office 365 so I can have everything sync in different devices.

    Good part=

    Apart from knowing what you have to do in a specific day. it really helps for mid, long term tasks. In the end, what is due to next week will become a daily task at some point

    Using Flow helps to automatically moves tasks from outlook to OneNote. Same with meeting minutes.

    So-so part:

    It could take a little bit of time to set it up and you have to tweak it to meet your custom needs, if you don’t do that you’ll end doing things just for the sake of following a framework.

    PS:  Used Wudnerlist and mail/tasks in the past, didn’t got it. But WeekPlan is great, I let it go due to lack of updates but recently it really got up to speed.

    PS2: Forgot a very important point, I also use BJ for personal tasks so I have everything in the same place


    I use Outlook and Sticky Notes :-). It has proven to be useful to me! But, priorities can change daily, specially on agile developments!


    no organazing, just do it!


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