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    How does a tester start testing an API? Assuming there is no GUI, how do you approach it?


    I test many in-house API which are not well documented. Talk to developer, this is the only way. Then use Unit test framework, or some tools to implement the test, and try to automated the test.


    Maaret Pyhäjärvi wrote about her experiences quite well here


    Hi Paul,

    If a tester has to make short / basic validations for calls or to perform exploratory testing, then the REST clients as browser add-ons are a good solution. It is also a good approach for those who are new to API testing.

    For a framework with test suites and a CI integration system you have to use specific tools like SoapUI or unit test frameworks (e.g. jUnit for Java).

    To know what to test, you have to read the documentation, understand the workflows and automate the tests. If there is no documentation, you must talk to developers or architect to decide what and how to test the application.



    Maaret Pyhäjärvi wrote about her experiences quite well here  Like1

    Very nice article. Thanks for sharing


    @groza-alin88 gave a very useful insight how to approach an API testing.
    Hope @paul-madden it will help you going forward.


    @emmablisa please avoid pasting your text from office documents into the content field.

    sneha shinde

    API stands for Application Programming Interface.

    It triggers communication and information exchange between two different software systems. A software framework implementing an API consists of sub-routines/functions which can be implemented by some other software system.

    API testing approach:

    Here are a few pointers to API testing:

    – Getting to know the functionality of a particular API program and defining the scope of the program in a clear manner.

    – Make use of testing techniques such as boundary value analysis, equivalence classes and error guessing along with writing test cases for the API.

    – Input parameters are required to be planned and defined accurately.

    – Do a comparison of the actual and expected results.

    Bug types detected in

    Inappropriate warning/errors to caller

    Multi-threading related issues

    Flags that are unused

    Security concerned issues

    Performance related issues such as API response time is extremely high

    Duplicate and missing functionality

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Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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