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    A discussion forum in extension to my track on Wednesday 11:00 (or maybe leading up to…?).

    The track is wrapped around three main topics which were to change the team, the individuals in it, the organisation and also me…:
    – motivate / stimulate
    – guidance
    – challenging

    You will hear about the challenges I encountered by guiding 15 diverse individuals, besides staying those individuals, to become 1 team and to have the organisation perceive them as such. About Learning with lollypops, leaflets on the coffee machine, knowledge sessions, grabbaball and ‘ on the wall’ as ways to bring both the fun back in work as to provide a low-cost way to share knowledge and learn.
    Especially those latter are brilliant to share in this forum-topic, so we can benefit from them all…
    (I’ll will share mine, after the track, so there’s something to attend my track for 😉 )


    I really enjoyed the different techniques.
    I may have to try the whiteboard of wisdom and sweets jar!

    How do you deal with other members of the business wanting to join in? We share a floor with a v different part of the business so it may get awkward.

    I have just started to bring in cake on a regular basis fro sprint retrospectives. So if you take part you get to eat cake. 🙂


    Hi Kim,
    Thanks! *handing over a lolly*
    I found out it really helps explaining what it is you do and why. You can also extend the invite…
    And guess what!? : after some initial giggles (stick with it!) they will join when they see it works and gives energy!
    Hope this helps!


    So after a few months I think I am now going to introduce the sweet jar.

    I want it to be a positive experience and keep a Q&A page in our wiki regarding which questions are in the jar and which can give you a sweet.

    Did you find that lollies worked best or chocolate or a variety?


    I am finally going to give the sweets box with questions and answers a go and will post how it went.

    We are a smallish dev team of about 25 people.

    My version of this will be to have box of sweets and chocolates (wrapped/air tight containers that people can take from if they ask or answer a question.
    As it is all open plan and I am in meetings a lot I am setting a couple of simple rules:
    1. Be clean
    2. Be informative/helpful
    3. If there are 4 open questions you have to answer one before asking a new one

    Do you think this is too over the top? Should everyone just be able to ask questions and I can set a limit if it gets out of hand?

    I then will document the questions and answers on our wiki page so everyone can learn from the questions.

    I am really excited about this. Has anyone else tried it?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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