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    Im in the situation that I need simulate a larger number of clients (initially 1000) that a server can speak to, to check if the server can handle the amount and load. The clients is mostly passivce and only answers when the server calls it. I need to be able to configure what answers to give to certain messages. Is there any tools out there to handle this task?


    interesting. would like to follow.

    What I think you can do, is code a small STUB that you can configure for the different messages.

    Secondly I would look into virtualization, docker/VM’s/Cloud and deploy the agents out there.


    Yes im on to something like that. I have a python script that pretends to be the client and it works fine, but I need a way to run it in 1000 instances and that is really tricky. I can make a master script create X instances on one computer and run them on different ports but that gets cluttered very easily. However it’s not very important that the clients stay alive all the time but I’d like some kind of way to monitor in that case.



    Looking forward to this.

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