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    In this Google Hangout Laurent Bossavit will share ideas from “Defence Against the Dark Arts”, the workshop he did with Michael Bolton at CAST2014. This workshop focused on how to think critically about quantitative claims.


    Can everyone see/hear ok?


    Hi Laurent,

    in all kinds of professional areas people want to see more “evidence based” methodologies.
    I think for software testing it will be hard, since you have to have a general idea about good testing., so something to verify against.
    The scientific study regarding ISO29119 also refers to evidence based methodology, but I don’t think it bring us much.
    Do you still think there is room for evidence based methodologies in testing? In what kind of areas do you think it can be used?


    Hi Laurent –

    Are you planning to run the workshop again?

    Regarding software engineering as a soft science, I think one of the memes that holds us back is the mistaken notion that geeks are misanthropes. I think this meme ought to have been laid to rest by Gerry Weinberg’s 1971 book “The Psychology of Computer Programming”.



    Sorry, it’s just not appropriate for me to join live.


    No problem. We hope you are enjoying it 🙂

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