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    There is a huge difference in the solutions we are testing. Let’s see the diversity in the applications that are under test:

    – Is it an application or program for the general users and consumers (spotify, word, productivity)
    – Is it something that enables communication between the users and a company (homebanking, company specific app)
    – Is it something that is between the employees and a company (lync, timeregistration, internal)
    – Is it something integrated into the workings of the company

    I currently work on a new HR system, a communication tool roll-out and an infrastructure project. My colleagues work on various case-handling solutions and medical track-and-trace solutions. .. just to mention a few.

    , @Kim – this is not a poll, as it can be everything from all-of-the-above to none. 🙂


    As I’m a consultant, I’ve worked on several different types of projects..

    Currently I’m working on testing a new supply chain suite for a brand new distribution centre for a major online retailer in the Netherlands. I’m mostly doing integration testing and test automation.

    So while the end customers won’t see a bit of the software I’m working on, without it the articles they order would not be delivered (not so good) and no billing would take place (maybe less not so good).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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