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    It’s Thursday so that means it’s Game Time!

    Today’s game is called Two Lies, One Truth.

    The rules are simple, just post a sentence which contains two lies and one truth about yourself. The next member on the forum has to guess which is the truth and then post a sentence of their own.

    I’ll get things started:

    I had a pint of Guinness with Bono, I go on holidays to Turkey each summer, I am a big rugby fan.

    Can you spot the truth? 🙂



    Challenge accepted 🙂

    my guess -> pint the truth, turkey and rugby false 😉 wishful thinking 😀

    so yet when i think about it –


    -^. ^=-
    ~~ ~~


    Wrong answer

    The correct answer is: I am a big rugby fan 🙂

    Who can guess Alt’s answer?


    Am In 🙂

    As there’s 2 answers which seem related i am going to go for – Truth 🙂

    [ My first appearance in this world was in a hospital in the UK ], [ I’ once ended up falling asleep on my first flying lesson ] and



    I’m starting to see a pattern of the last bits to be a correct one -> 🙂 Who’s next 😀

    -^. ^=-
    ~~ ~~


    Hmm Robert I think I love all spiders is the truth – no rational thought here – just a vibe! lol

    [When I go out I am the first one to go home] [For my Summer holidays I traveled all around Europe by train]


    Aaaaaah, having a senile moment, Sorry Richard!!! Looks like I have a Robert on the mind, wonder who that could be, and why the hell is he on my mind!! LMFAO


    Double FAIL lol.. [ I’ once ended up falling asleep on my first flying lesson ]- Truth lol. .. now you have to spill it, who is this Robert in your thoughts? lol


    Holy S**t dude, how do you fall asleep on your FIRST flying lesson!! I am still trying to figure out the Robert guy..is it silly I am a little afraid! Lmfao


    Remind me never fly with you Richard…


    , ,


    Combination of Jet lag, Too excited to sleep night before then not sleeping at all so i could wake up early and a long theory class before the session lol. … Should have spotted the risk before hand

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