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    Earlier today I heard a developer say “I don’t believe in bugs”………………………………………………………. [face-palm]


    Hey Dan, I’m just going to move this to a separate discussion…..”funny things developers say”. Let’s see what else people come up with!


    When devs get frustrated they just end up saying “works on my machine” and even argue that their machine works good and problem is at the other dev.


    Another interesting thing from the devs:
    This is the intended behavior(that’s what the specs say), talk to the product manager if you want that bug/behavior fixed.


    “There is nothing I can do about this bug, so I will just close it.” and they do close it even thought client/manager/tester thinks this bug is essential for delivery.


    @Dan I’ve heard that very same line, my response at the time, “Seeing is believing, so watch the system as it goes ‘ka…booom’ when…”.

    @Stefan isn’t that the most common line we are faced with? 🙂 It sure demand from us, to a certain extent, improving the quality of the evidence we provide in the bug report, making that line a futile attempt for not wanting to fix it. Particularly, it’s been quite useful employing a scenario based approach to write the defects.

    One common line I’ve heard from developers “Hey, don’t take this personal, but for so long as we do unit testing… we can leave QA out of the business”.

    By the way, the following is not a phrase from a developer, but one from a fellow tester with whom I worked for some time: “A tester should have the heart of a developer… on a table, inside a jar.” 😀 What do you think about it?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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