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    So I thought I would start a thread to post any funny videos, memes, pictures and other such things related to software testing for everyone’s enjoyment.

    Feel free to add anything that you think the community would enjoy.


    My first contribution is a video that has gone viral this week. Although it is not strictly testing related, it is something that you might identify with if you have presented a product or product features to a client.

    The video purportedly shows a Apple engineer telling a Spanish TV host how the design of the new Apple MacBook came about.

    It’s very funny.



    QA Hipster has recently been posting gif’s related to software testing. I thought they were quite funny.

    When you reproduce a difficult bug on first try

    You can see his whole list of software testing gifs here.


    QA Tester Ryan Gosling

    Like a lot of things on the internet it doesn’t make any sense but it is funny.

    More here


    Another great site I hOave come across: DevOps Reactions

    Loads of great DevOps and testing meme and especially gif quotes.

    I like this one

    Failing UAT


    This was popular on the EuroSTAR Facebook page last week. Thought I would share it here:





    This one is one of my favorites


    [Inappropriate content – Removed by moderator]





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