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    The final discussion of the day presented by Randy is on surviving as a tester.

    If you have any questions, comments or thoughts about the presentation, use this topic to share them.

    Looking forward to your thoughts.

    View the slides & webinar recording Here


    Hi Randy, Enjoyed the session, lots of good information. Many thanks Peter



    Some great advice and content there Randy…it’s interesting to see a perspective from the US. In the UK media, US folks are portrayed as work work work, zero holidays…I wonder how you ever get a chance to recharge. A lot of this would apply to devs and other folks as well as testers, but recently I’ve had a similar direction change in my career. More focus on specific skills and learning at my own speed and in my own time, giving more time for myself and my family despite the demands of the work and the community being a challenge. I’ve found a great job that gives me that flexibility, being able to work from home as little or as much as I need. Great stuff. 🙂



    Dan – burning out is possible on our side of ocean as well 🙂

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    Randy – thanks – great content for presentation 🙂

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