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    So its the final day in Stockholm, we have two great keynotes happening today, some great sessions and workshops.

    There is still time to catch some soapbox sessions in the Huddle and the Test Lab is still going.

    Join us today


    Just like the other days, the first keynote of the day held a remarkably high standard. This will off course raise the question “how will they manage to keep up with the high quality next year”?

    Anne-Marie Charret offered up a great keynote on Test management revisited and there by following what has to be seen as an informal theme of this year’s Eurostar. How are the testing roles evolving, and where are they going? This talk also made me wish I had a train set at my lab back “home”dsc_0220





    Mirjana Kolarov was this year’s speakeasy speaker. She held a very interesting talk about performance testing named “Measure twice, cut once”. Hope to hear more from her in the future.


    Spent the time before and after lunch in the expo. It can be quite interesting talking to the vendors.  I also spent som time in the test lab


    And managed to catch some of the soap box sessions in the community hub.





    The do over session was The power of doubt by Zeger van Hese. A well deserved win with many interesting and funny parts. Apparently Satan is despicable, but he makes a mean toast.


    The conference is close to an end. Only talk that remains is Nicola Owen’s What I wish I knew my first year in testing.


    Thank you all for this year’s conference. I hope all of you had a great experience. I know I had.

    Hope we meet again next year.

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