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    Day started of with a great keynote about a man who only wanted to buy insurance for his grand daughter. Ben Simo told a story that I’d both scary and reassuring since it shows the system errors of a site as important as healthcare.gov and also that a lone, 3Rd party person can get the powers that be interested in the defects that are.


    Mr Ben Simo in action.dsc_0203


    Quality azimuth. 6 principles to transform QA continued on this year’s “snackis” and talked about how the testing role evolves. Very good talk.


    picture from quality azimut talk.dsc_0208


    I spent the period before lunch exploring the expo. I went by the test clinic to say hello and also to get a pin. I also managed to almost steal a chicken from the test lab. That chicken is probably someone’s prize now

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    After lunch I saw Q test data journey in in a health-care landscape by Rikard Degree and Henrik Emilson. It strikes me how great the mix of experienced and rookie speakers are here




    Alexandra Schladebeck called her testers kittens, Pokemon and ducklings. A great talk that was a real miss of you were not there.



    The panel on diversity was great.  very constructive and clear. let’s work to make our teams more diverse.



    The evening ended with the expo party for me. Some went onto the test lab party and some to the community dinner. All great endings for a great day.

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