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    It’s the third day at EuroSTAR. For those of you that were at the Community Dinner last night I hope you enjoyed yourself.

    It was an amazing venue.

    EuroSTAR kicked off early today with a great attendance at the test coffee event in the Community Huddle.

    Alin will be here again today to keep you updated on everything that is going on and some of the sessions he is attending.

    I will be periscoping some of the Soapbox sessions later at 13:00 so keep an eye out on the TEST Huddle twitter.


    Day 3 has started with a keynote about DevOps presented by Jeffery Payne. Test automation is very important, it helps the idea of “fail fast” and the builds are the quality police.


    A very original way of presenting the automation team as a football team with all players and their roles, strategy and goals (W8 – Champions League Test Automation – Our 11 Key Players). Like in football, the team must have a good strategy for automation, take right decisions and be well organized. A presentation that can play in Champions League !


    I met Julie Gardiner last year in Dublin and I was happy to meet her again this year in Maastricht. Her session (W11 – The 2015 Survival Guide: Lessons for Testing in the Wild) was very good, she caught everyone’s interest with nice examples for a better understanding of the topic.
    She talked about testing in the future. We are moving to a world class QA and testers are the enablers of quality. Survival means to be able to adapt, stand out and make decision in a fast changing industry like software.
    Communication is also important and Julie presented us a model with four types of team members: the pragmatist, analyst, pioneer and facilitator.
    Testing should be a fun activity for a tester but the tester must also take ownership of his career.


    SoapBox session about Standards at the Community Huddle.


    Test Lab activities


    A special keynote about the future of testing made by 7 great speakers:
    Iris Pinkster
    Jeffrey Payne
    Derk-Jan de Grood
    Michael Bolton
    Rikard Edgren
    Rob Lambert
    Kristoffer Nordstrom

    Michael Bolton pointed out that automation is more checking rather than testing.
    Rob Lambert gave us some ideas for working as a tester in the future that include to be visibly passionate, open minded, see who is the customer of the your products, to improve the process, communicate well and add skills.


    Do somebody have photos/video from “Test Your Marriage!” session? The presentation was so live and dynamic, and uploaded PDF doesn’t reflect it. I was just trying to recognize some points, but … And I didn’t succeed in finding something on the web. Although for the previous part by René Tuinhout, it is even the video of the session…

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