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    today the conference kicks off! Let’s share our key learnings, interesting conversations or anything else that was awesome today!

    Ronan Healy

    today the conference kicks off! Let’s share our key learnings, interesting conversations or anything else that was awesome today!

    Going to be another exciting day. The tutorials are already ongoing and it should be exciting for the opening of the Conference at lunchtime.


    I had a quick chance to visit the Expo Hall during the break in this morning’s tutorials, and I can massively recommend it! The Community Hub is a fun place to start, with opportunities to chat, relax, and play all sorts of games. It also gives you a good vantage point to see what else is happening in the hall. I’ll be there at lunchtime if somebody fancies a game of Jenga or Fluxx 🙂


    I had a great time with the test lab so far! Trying to solve puzzles and draw on my testing skills!

    Also catching up with some tester friends has been lovely!

    Now the conference is in full swing! SO many ideas already flowing around in my head from the keynote: The internet of things.

    We have to consider the value of the interconnectedness vs security and privacy invasion.

    In the internet of things world testers are facing a new level of technicality – do we need to up-skill?

    What do you think?


    I also attended Amy Phillip’s talk today on testing in start ups. Here are my take aways:
    First of all startups are about uncertainty… but then large corporations can be developing with uncertainty so does that mean they are sort of operating like a start up?
    She mentioned 2 phases:
    discovery phase and development phase – projects can be moved between those two phases
    These phases affect testing as during discovery it is not about being complete or pretty but about “what does the user want”.

    Amy stressed that you need real users to use your software to get real feedback so you need to ship software and quickly at that!

    To be successful startups need to get as much info from their users in as short a time as possible

    Testing within a startup is maybe more about educating rather than actual testing.
    Key qualities of a tester in a start up world:
    self managing
    focus on quality and not testing – not a lot of time
    willing to compromise
    spot opportunities – what is better value time spent?
    handle uncertainty

    In this uncertain world testing is hard, as testing provides information on an undefined product that is looking to solve and undefined problem for an undefined person.
    Not just as a tester but as a team we need to be able to adapt and change – learn every day!

    One question that came up was startups often say we dont need testing – how to deal with that?
    Do you have any idea?


    Oh I also finally met Michael Larsen in person.

    Funny how we can put actual faces and voices to the twitter “voices”. I am trying to make the most of it! Have you met anyone you already knew online in person today?


    Loved Rob’s keynote this afternoon. A vision I share both inspiring and entertaining.

    Attended sessions on agile, automation and innovation. I think the keynote demonstrated perfectly how all of these can be combined in practice.


    Yes I agree! the last keynote was very good! Someone in the audience described the working situation he has achieved as nirvana or even better!
    We are striving towards weekly or at least bi-weekly releases too!

    We are hoping by changing our architecture to be service orientated we can get there. 🙂

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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