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    Things have kicked off here for day 2 of the EuroSTAR Conference. The morning tutorials are in full swing and we have the Expo just about to open.

    Alin will be here today will all the updates from the EuroSTAR.

    I will be periscoping some of the sessions too so keep an eye out on the TEST Huddle twitter.


    Looking forward to attending the sessions in this first day of the conference.

    I will attend the Keynotes and the presentation about DevOps (T4). I am looking forward to getting more information about the connection between testing and DevOps and I am also curious to find new things about trends in software.

    Which sessions will you attend today ? Which are the topics you are interested in ?


    Great opening ! The EuroSTAR 2015 conference has started.



    Interesting presentation made by Richard von Hooijdonk on Keynote 1 about trends. Robots will replace a lot of human activities, technologies are changing faster and the companies must take into consideration any type of change. There will be sectors that will be gone and replaced by others ( like digital pics shared online instead of older printed photos). People must also keep up with technologies and be involved in a continuous learning process.


    Very useful approach in finding defects: mututation by automated defect injection (T8). Seb Rose revealed a way to do it by using the PIT tool.


    Sounds like it was a great day @groza-alin88 and all topped off with a visit to Château Neercanne for the Community Dinner last night.


    Yes Ronan. It was a great day with very good presentations.
    The keynotes revealed some visions about software and possible approaches regarding testing. For this day I have followed the technical route that included the T4 and T8 sessions.
    The social event held on the evening at the Château Neercanne as Community Dinner was perfect. There was a beautiful atmosphere in a place full of history and a good way to interact with people

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