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    What are the principles you follow to create effective test cases in your work place?

    Please comment with the type of application you work with along with the principles you follow


    While writing the test cases you need to follow some steps to make sure that you will write good and effective test cases.

    1. Identify The Scope And Purpose Of Testing

    2. Define How To Perform Testing Activities

    3. Identify Non-Functional Requirements.

    4. Define The Test Case Framework

    5. Become Familiar With The Significance Of Software Modules

    6. Structuring Of Test Cases

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    • Understand the requirement and acceptance criteria in order to have the whole picture of what is needed from test cases
    • Target single functionalities first in simple model and then combination of functionalities in more complex model
    • Communicate and work together with development team to understand limitation and areas to do stress in the test cases
    • Cover different user interaction ways to run test cases
    • Include models that includes different functionalities on automation regression
    • Document steps and results of your testing
    • Review test cases with other experts, including domain and usability knowledge
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