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    There is an old saying in Danish: “The bakers children starve, and the shoemakers kids run shoeless”. Currently I’m testing a new internal solution (long story) for an IT outsourcing company – the company I work for. Usually as a testing consultant I work for a project for a specific customer (business to business) or maybe a solution for the general public (website, app etc).

    Do you follow your own testing processes for the in-house projects?



    We only have in house projects with some work having been done for us by outside vendors.

    We have a context dependent strategy in general. So the testing strategy will look slightly different if it is a java app, mobile app or website.

    The main problem is that we do not have testing experts for each field and hence stuff may get missed. Also in certain departments the automation is too mature (automate all the things!!!) and in others it is really superficial and not very useful yet!

    We are trying to come up with standards for the whole technology department and not separate our standards between different programming languages. It is a long journey though as knowledge of automation testing is not consistent across all teams.

    So we try to follow certain standards for all projects but they vary depending on context. 🙂

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