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    Does it worth to invest in test for DevOps team, or developer can test themselves?

    In general what quality level should DevOps team achieve?


    I think that any functionality developed, either described in requirements, use cases, user stories or not described at all, regardless of development model needs to be tested anyway.  DevOps or not. That is if quality and usability for end user is important. For that to happen I believe there ought to be at least someone developing and maintaining a test strategy and holding the test execution together. Then the actual testing can be done by developers within the team, or by dedicated testers.


    I agree with Krister. The actual testing should however be done by someone other than the one who has written the code. Not necessarily a tester – could be another developer in the team.


    Testing is needed in any type of model, strategy or process. When developing software, there should be test activities performed in order to validate that the features are correctly working as specified by requirements, there are no regressions introduced and generally, to verify products quality. Of course, it can be done by any team member (not only testers) but testing activities must be included in any software development type.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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