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    So fellow testers, what is the best tool to manage defects from New through to Closed? I am looking from an ease of use point of view.

    So we have:

    – HP ALM

    – JIRA

    – Bugzilla

    – Mantis

    I look forward to the replies.

    – Others


    Amongst all the tools I have used, I find JIRA, ALM, Bugzilla and Redmine all good.


    How do you measure “ease of use”?
    To some it’s easiest to do drag & drop, when working from an ipad/tablet.
    To others working in a grid/table form, it’s easier to select a new value in a drop down list.
    to some it’s important to have easy handover between mulitple persons, for others it’s just a 1-person team.
    To some it needs to integrate with developer tools and version control, to others it doesn’t matter.

    Modern test management tools like MS TFS, Plutora, Panaya, TestRails etc are all easy to use. So there are other factors in place when selecting the defect management tool that best fit your context.


    The idea “ease of use” does not define a specific aspect. Generally, on all projects I know the test management tools are chosen according to developer tools and version control. Currently, I am working on 2 projects where each of them is using a different tool: MS TFS and JIRA. These tools have different UI but their features are similar; both of them are good.

    Яна Густі

    Hi, guys.

    We have two great articles about “Best Test Management Tools” and “Best bug tracking software”. You can find the suitable tool for you on our list on website.

    Also, you can try a new great test management tool – EasyQA. It has many useful features, not only the bug tracking function.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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