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    Greetings everyone,

    I am writing to seek advice on behalf of my younger brother, who has recently received a job offer from Facebook as a Data scientist in the Austin location. While he is excited about the opportunity, he also has another option to choose India as his preferred location, and he is currently confused about which location would offer a higher salary.

    As a resident of India myself, I have a good understanding of the typical compensation packages offered to web developers in India. However, I am unsure about the compensation packages for Data scientist in Austin, Texas, and I am seeking guidance from the community.

    Upon researching various sources, we came across a salary source that suggested a figure of $150,000 for Data scientist with four years of experience in Austin. However, we are not sure if this figure is accurate or if it would apply to my brother’s situation specifically.

    We would greatly appreciate it if any community members could offer their insights and experiences on the salary range for Data scientist in Austin, particularly those with similar experience levels as my brother.

    Additionally, if anyone could provide advice on how to weigh the pros and cons of working in India versus Austin as a web developer, that would be greatly appreciated as well.

    Thank you for your time and assistance in this matter. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions on this issue.

    Best regards,


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