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    Hi All

    We are currently testing a mobile responsive website which requires us to test the website for all major browsers (including various supported versions) on desktop, tablet and mobile devices (android and iOS).

    As of now, we are testing it manually on physical devices but with the increasing number of pages and build frequency, it is becoming really time consuming.

    So, I have been reading about the leading tools available in the market both free and paid. But I am not sure if I should just go for a tool which compares UI, design, layout etc. page by page or something like Ghostlab which mirrors the user exp.

    I am curious to know if any of you have been testing your website across browsers and devices simultaneously.
    If yes, what tools have you found most useful and accurate to test a responsive website?

    Any tips/tricks/catches/trade-offs on this topic?

    Thank you,

    @jesper-lindholt-ottosen perhaps?



    You can use browserstack to test on different browsers and devices. Alternatively you can use chrome emulation mode – where you can test your wesbite on chrome browser on different sets of devices –

    For page response times, you can either use http watch or web page test.

    Hope this helps!



    When you test a site’s layout and functionality on Cross Browser Testing, you’re testing it in real browsers, running on physical devices , not emulators designed to look like the real thing. If your customers are using various browser or the latest mobile device. With Cross Browser Testing, you can test your sites on more than 900 browsers across more than 40 operating systems, including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and more.


    You can try out the below mentioned tools to check cross browser testing

    1. BrowserStack
    2. Sauce Labs
    3. Ghostlab
    4. CrossBrowserTesting
    5. Browsera
    6. Browsershots


    If you want to stick to using the physical devices you can look to use Adobe Edge Inspect. It allows you to navigate to a page on one device (laptop or computer) and mimics that action across any number of physical devices you have linked via wifi.

    We use Saucelabs for our cross browser testing and we have also then use Applitools for visual verification. I recommend if you in the early stages of building an automated framework that you have a look at applitools, it’s an amazing product and the company will bend over backwards to help clients.


    the few tools are listed of cross browser testing:



    3.IE tab


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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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