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    Something that has always confused me, maybe someone can explain the differences between the above.

    I know that Continuous Integration (CI) is just means that the developer’s working is shared in a repository several times a day.

    Continuous Delivery is a further step from CI but that the code is always ready for deployment.

    But how do Continuous Deployment and Continuous Testing fit into this.


    Is there an easy way to think about all of the above?


    My experience is that CI is about integrating all developers work often. this usually includes running (test) automation suites. Usually every night. This is coming from the extreme programming practices about testing often and early. So there is usually a great deal of testing going on in the form of automated runs etc.

    I would say that both Continuous delivery and continuous deployment is about delivering to the production often. I know many test people being in charge of the “road to production” – what environments the code goes to – and when. the gates would be based on various TESTS – perhaps even exploratory and on real devices for mobile.

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