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    When you started out a new tester, what were your main concerns? Was it to do with the technicalities of the role? Was it knowing when something was a bug or not?

    Was it signing off on your work not being sure that it was 100% completed?

    I’m sure everyone has concerns in a new role but what are the testing specific ones?



    This a nice collection of questions and a good introduction for those of you new to testing or just starting out.


    I was most concerned about writing test cases. I laugh about it now, but at that time it most difficult for me.


    For me, when I started as a tester, my main concerns were:

    • Identify and report properly the bugs
    • Difference between bug and enhancement
    • What were my goals as Quality Assurance engineer
    • Being more independent from developers perspective, and adopt user perspective also.



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