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    How some one should plan his/her journey to become a QA Architect.

    Which all technologies should they learn about or which all certifications they should get minimum to reach this position in their career.


    Hello, I’ve been a QA Automation Lead in the last few years and I am aiming to become an Architect.

    From my point of view, so far, an architect should have the following skills:
    – strong programming language/languages
    – strong knowledge of multiple test automation frameworks per testing layer (I mean, he masters web automation, api automation, performance testing, etc. For each of these layers he should know multiple automation frameworks and analyze the projects, so he can always pick the correct framework. For example, in terms of UI he should know Selenium + Non Selenium Frameworks (Cypress vs TestCafe) etc.)
    – he should have devops skills, to be able to see the bigger pictures in terms of test integration into pipelines, how/when the tests should be triggered, etc
    – linux knowledge
    – DB knowledge
    – great testing framework skills (I refer to architecture, what are and how to apply best practices, etc)
    – he should be able to easily document and communicate & train people how to use the frameworks
    – etc (I am sure that I missed some others aspects too)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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