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    Is learning Automation Testing good enough or do I need to learn Manual Testing as well? Help!



    Hi Devi,

    In my experience there is a need for both. Automation is great for performance and regression testing but there are always usability issues that can only be found by hands on end user testing and exploratory testing. Look and feel, ease of use, customer experience etc…

    That’s my view may be a bit old school – lets see what others say.



    There is always a trade off between Manual and automation testing.
    As @ivor discussed automation testing really helps in finding any regression but since not all scenarios can be automated you have to somehow rely on manual testing.

    Do visit the Resources section there are lot of articles, blogs etc. available related to this.



    In manual testing (as the name suggests), test cases are executed manually (by a human, that is) without any support from tools or scripts. But with automated testing, test cases are executed with the assistance of tools, scripts, and software.

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    Short answer: yes. You should learn as many things as possible.

    Bit longer answer: Before you can automate a thing, you need to learn the thing. Assuming someone else isn’t just telling you what to automate (in which case I’d argue you’re not a tester), then you have to do non-automated testing first. I don’t think you can – or should – automate something that you can’t first do manually. Automation is optional, non-automated is not.



    I agree with others.. both automation and manual testing are needed. If you do not learn manual testing, it will be difficult to learn automation testing

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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