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    Ravi kumar

    Please suggest how we can automate node webkit standalone application that built with node-webkit, HTML5.It can be launched from user’s desktop(.exe file)

    It is different than a real browser (although behaving like one)

    I tried with QTP/UFT 12.01(latest version), but it is not identifying any of the objects except a whole window.

    1) Is there any work around with QTP/UFT ?
    2) If QTP is not a best tool for webkit applications,then what is best tool in market ?

    I dont want to unwrap the application and test it in web browser. I want to test as it will be in production.


    To be able to test in production, will you actually be testing in production? How else can you guarantee that it will be production like?

    Have you tried other tools? What made you choose QTP? Can you choose a different tool to prototype for a week or so?

    What is it exactly you want to test? Where things appear on a page?


    I get that you want to test a standalone application on a windows platform since it will use an .exe file.
    But other than that you don’t give enough details about the technical platform to receive meaningful advice.
    What do you want to test? How do you want to test? What about input and output? Do you have (SOA) messages? Etc.
    I am afraid that the advice you want just needs a consultant on location or at least it needs more specific information.
    Sorry, but can’t be more helpful atm.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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