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    It might be a question that is just as relevant in the software testing forum but I thought I would ask it here.

    You might prefer one over the other for testing and the other for everyday use?

    Personally I like Android more just because of the many customisation options that it offers. I am not too fond of Android apping iOS with their recent software versions to.

    Anyway I am sure everyone has a preference so what is yours?


    I too prefer Android over iOS. The Apple hardware is much better. But when you compare iOS with Android, Android is very convenient to use, you can customize it to your liking and you have total control over your phone. I can provide a long list of features in Android that I really miss in my iPhone.


    I am an Android user from many years and would always prefer Android over iOS due to its Multitasking capabilities and Apps + Maps etc.


    Apple always!


    I use Apple products. I can say for sure that I am their fan.


    I prefer Android and it is convenient to use. It provides lots of features while compared to iPhone.

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    Both 🙂


    I like Android more, because Apple products are very specific to use. I have been using Android for a long time and am very pleased with the versatility and I see no reason to overpay for functions that I would not use in Apple.


    Android, but sometimes the iPhone is just more practical.

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