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    Ronan Healy

    Recently there has been much debate on the great role testers can take in the process of product development.

    Some have recently argued that testers should learn to code for the benefits of carrying out better automation tests, digging deeper into testing problems and more.

    Regarding the development aspect, some test managers are taking the approach that integrating developing and testing roles is more beneficial and having developers completing some basic tests allows for a more streamlined system.

    I wonder, are these roles converging?
    Or will testers and developers always maintain separate roles?


    It seems every company now has to automation testers and selenium webdriver with page objects but people forget the testing triangle that most tests should be at unit test level and next integration test level with just a core journey of UI automation test and that then frees up the testers to do what they do best exploratory testing. If companies what testers involved in automation then why not let them pair up with a dev and come up with good functional tests at unit and integration level. A good tester has a unique way of thinking and that should be nurtured to do the best job on the team.


    Yes, I agree to it. All the Top Companies are moving to Agile, they wanted Testers who could help in as Developers during Crunch time or Vice-verse.This helps the Agile teams in delivering something at the end of the each Sprint.


    I think in terms of mindsets they are still relatively separate but agile teams should be cross functional and if you can code as a tester there may be times when you can pair program with a developer and help out.
    Same with testing, I have had times where I could not get through the tests as quickly as I thought because the implementation of the feature was a lot more complex and I encouraged the team to collaborate with me and test.
    The difference I have found is that developers love using tools to aid testing – anything to avoid manual testing. 🙂
    But this is not a bad thing.

    So are the roles merging? Yes and No. i think they are still separate roles of expertise but cross functional teams and faster iterations mean that we have to learn from each other more so than we may have done years and years back! 🙂


    Yes , I totally agree as I have seen companies asking for programming languages for tester.Previously testing and development team coordinate with each other , tester use to find bugs and developers would rectify them by coding, but in coming days both testers and developers do the same job it seems.


    The trend is to hire testers with test automation and programming skills so that they can create and maintain test automation frameworks.

    On the market, however, such technical testers are very rare.

    Which makes me to believe that in the future, we will see more and more companies asking the development teams to take over the test automation as well.

    See below more thoughts on the topic inspired from a test automation meetup:

    Is Test Automation For Testers?


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