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    Is there any application / product that you wished you had tested?


    Something of high brand value, but then I did once work on a data cdrom that was send to all households in the kingdom.. once upon a time. 😀

    something truely novel, so that testing would be more experimentalt.


    Something of high brand value

    For me, I always wanted to be associated with Google in some way 🙂

    I am sure for most of us there must be a such a software / hardware. Would love to hear more such examples.


    Well… My dream would be testing systems used by NASA or CERN. Anything, that would require gathering crazy amount of knowledge from brilliant humans.

    But mostly I wish I had tested websites I use & games I play. It is really hard to live with those bugs, error messages, wrongly displayed layouts and crashes when you are a tester. Therefore I wish I had tested them before they went live. To at least make some suggestions…

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