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    Ronan Healy

    I’m sure there are loads of gamers here? What are your favourites?

    I have a Playstation 4 and am a big fan of open world games such as Far Cry and GTA. Red Dead Redemption is probably my favourite game of all time.

    What are you playing right now and is it any good?


    I’m a long time gamer. Mainly classic tabletop roleplaying games and choose your own adventure books but also console and computer games. I really love the old adventure gaNmes like Sierras different suites, the Monkey island games and such. The modern adventure games are also a great. Sherlock Holmes Crime and Punishment for PS4 might be one of the best games ever made.

    Anurag khode

    I started playing games 15 years back with some famous games like Mario, contra on the nitando game console. I played games on PS1,2 3 and God of war one of my favourite game..I am planning to buy Xbox but I always avoid it looking at my addiction for games..


    I’ve recently got back into gaming but have been playing videos games for as long as i remember. My dad had an atari console, from there i had a NES then megadrive then playstation and Xbox360 before recently picking up an Xboxone.

    Haven’t really played games in the last 5 years but a fellow tester at work got me interested in playing again. I find gaming to be completely different from the world i knew 5 years ago. More subscription based however i find this to be beneficial to myself who plays on a budget. Since getting my console i have bought Elite Dangerous (which i class as one of the best open world games i’ve ever played) and lego star wars 3. I also claim the games with gold and have signed up for EA access. I now find myself with plenty of games to play and everything i need without physically owning a single game for my new console. I plan on keeping my gold and ea access subscriptions as for as little as £50 per year i can have access to all the games I would want. I don’t really go out to buy brand new games as soon as they hit the stores, i prefer my sports games which i can get via EA Access and games like Elite will keep me busy.

    At this moment I am working my way through the EA Vault having played FIFA 16 and Madden 16. Planning on continuing through the vault in the run up to a 24 hour game marathon I am doing to raise money for MacMillan Cancer Support

    Ronan Healy

    @jstodd25 24 hour gaming sounds like quite a challenge John.

    Where is the marathon happening and how many games are you planning on playing. I’ve heard a lot about Elite but haven’t got round to playing it yet.


    @ronan i’m doing it at home. it can be done at anytime, anywhere so i’ve elected for the 28th may in the comfort of home. You can do it as part of a team but I think its better to do this as an individual.. It will be more challenging for me as well with a 2 year old and a wife who is 8 months pregnant lol.

    I purchased a subscription to EA Access to give me more games to choose from and with games with gold i’ve picked up a few other games too. Some people are playing the same game for 24 hours but my plan is for aim for 3 hour sessions but if i get really into a game then I’ll keep going until I feel like moving on.

    Here is the list of games I am playing from:
    Fifa 16
    Madden 16
    NBA 16
    Rory McIlroy Golf
    Lego Star wars (complete trilogy)
    Saints Row 4

    Mostly going with sport games as I’m playing from 8am on the saturday until 8am on the sunday so the night session has to be games that i can keep interested in and focus on

    Here is the website for more details:

    Ronan Healy

    I got a PS4 for Christmas and have been playing Battlefield 1 ever since. I must say the graphics are very impressive. Havent tried multiplayer yet but looking forward to it.

    Ronan Healy

    Anyone excited as me about Red Dead Redemption 2?

    It looks like it will be as good as the first one, a game I am still playing.


    I am not much of a gamer , but I play “The Legend of Zelda” at times whenever I visit my brother

    Ronan Healy

    Who remembers the SNES?

    Nintendo Classic Mini SNES

    Nintendo have announced a classic version of the SNES coming to be released in September.

    It will come with 21 built-in games. I am looking forward to playing Zelda, and Final Fantasy again.


    I used to play games on my Nitendo console 🙂


    wow, incredible game.


    Gaming addict for 30 years. Managed to lower the doses.

    First game: River Raid 2

    Played a lot: Empire (the DOS one, “Wargame of the century”); Pirates! 1; Civilization 1,2; Master of Orion 2; Heroes of Might and Magic 1,2,3; UFO 1, 2;  Jagged Alliance 2;

    Open-source / free sins: FreeDroid, UFO:AI, OpenArena, Tales of Maj’Eyal

    Online sins: QuakeLive (for 2 years before STEAM), World of Warplanes (before 2.0)

    Most liked: Skyrim

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