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    At EuroSTAR every year, there is a stack of opportunities to get to the Conference not as an attendee but as part of the Conference.

    There is the TEST Lab, Community Huddle and since last year, the Test Clinic. Often you might miss out on the recruitment campaigns for each of these areas. This year we want to bring the recruitment process together under one roof.

    So we are launching the EuroSTAR Volunteer Programme. Here you can read about the different areas, what type of person we are looking for, for each area and how to apply.

    All involve a simple form to fill out.

    Find out more here.

    Best of luck.



    Don’t forget if you want to represent Huddle at EuroSTAR 2016 and be part of the Huddle team, get to EuroSTAR, meet testers and see some sessions,you should apply soon.

    The application form is here.



    Good that the different positions are now open for anyone who applies! I’ve volunteered for the Huddle, so fingers crossed!



    Closing date is today guys. The judging will commence from tomorrow and the successful applicants announced on the EuroSTAR blog next Tuesday.


    Aleksandra Kornecka

    Just seen yesterday 😮 I will post the announcement on Girls Who Test fanpage on Facebook @ronan



    Great thanks @aleksandra-kornecka.



    The Winners have been announced. And they are in full:

    Community Huddle

    Nathalie Van Delft

    Jan Sahlström

    Aleksei Fedorov

    Test Lab

    Eddy Briun

    Stefania Ioana Chiorean

    Test Clinic

    Árpád Tóth

    Christin Wiedemann

    EuroSTAR Cadet

    Devran Yildirim

    Tatjana Kruglova

    Find out more here

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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