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    Ok. AI in software testing seems to be the new thing. Where will this lead? Will it eventually eliminate most of the unit testing? Perhaps even suggest code chunks? I guess system level testing of human interactive systems may never be done by a machine since outcomes must be evaluated from a human perspective.



    I listened to a few talks on the question, and here I refer to 3 what I can recommend so far.  The first one is closest to the topic, the second and the third are more about practical side of applying AI to testing.


    Quality Jam 2017: Paul Merrill “Machine Learning & How it Affects Testers”



    Jeremias Rößler “Applying AI to testing”



    How King Uses AI in Testing



    Thanks! Definitely makes sense for games of logic. Actually a bit surprising that they haven’t done that from the start at king.

    “We have to get back to doing more real human learning in order to work with this new artificial learning.”




    @rpwheeler Great recommendations, worth spending some time to watch them (Y)

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