Featured Members: Dave Cobbe, Kim Vazquez Angeles, Marita Gustavsen and Jennifer McKinley

Last time we got to know Dave Mitchell,  Padmaraj NidagundiSeija Laakso and Mateusz Piaszczak
This week I am featuring a few more members for you to get to know.

Dave Cobbe

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Dave is a business analyst based in Switzerland. Dave has a background working for mainly financial services and cites his experience in Agile, Kanban and Waterfall. Having worked in object-orientated analysis & design as well as data warehouse design, star-schemas and reporting cube design, Dave has built up quiate a bit of experience in this area. DAve wrote a very interesting post recently for the TEST Huddle blog titled “The Missing Link” on why productivilty has not improved greatly on large IT projects even though computing power has vastly improved. You can read that here.


Kim Vazquez Angeles

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You can’t say that TEST Huddle is not a international community of testers. Our most recent member from Mexico is Kim. Kim is a software tester, based obviously in Mexico and by the looks of the background of the photo gets the best of both worlds, software testing and living in a lovely warm climate. Being based in the home of eternal rain, I am not jealous at all.



Marita Gustavsen

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From one (climate) extreme to another. Hailing from Norway, Marita is a test engineer working for Nets in Norway.  She also has recently joined the community and has got involved in setting up her profile. Marita has not got involved in posting yet but I would recommend to her to try the Introduce Yourself topic where newbies to the community can tell everyone about themselves and how they came to join the community.


Jennifer McKinley

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Now another recent member is Jennifer McKinley. Jennifer prefers to remain a bit mysterious about her background and the area of testing she is working in. However what I would say about Jennifer that she seems to have a very happy German Shepard as a pet. Or is it definitely a German Shepard. Perhaps you can clarify that for us, Jennifer?




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