Featured Members: Richard Bonneau, Nuno Gouveia and Aaron Doherty

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This week our featured members are:

Richard Bonneau

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Richard works as a senior director in quality engineering in Boston in the U.S. His area of interest and experience is in the area of test management. Richard has a lot of experience in testing. He joined the community now long after it started a year ago. Richard hasn’t got involved in the forums yet.  There are loads of choices like How You Got Involved in Testing.


Nuno Gouveia

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Nuno is a test analyst working mainly in the area exploratory testing using Selenium. He works for Blip in Portugal. His interest in exploratory might be one of the reasons he was involved in the conversation on “Exploratory testing in Practise“. This conversation has got members chatting about how to apply exploratory setting in a practical environment.

Aaron Doherty

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Aaron is a software tester based here in Ireland with an interest in test automation and test driven development spectrum. Aaron is a very recent member of the TEST Huddle community. He has got involved in the community straight away by posting in the Introduce Yourself forum. If you haven’t yet, do say hello there, you can tell others about your background and it’s a great way to see how others got involved in the community too.


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