Featured Members: Ravi Kacholia, Alin Groza & Roman Podolyan

Last time we got to know: Richard BonneauNuno Gouveia & Aaron Doherty.

This  weeks featured members are:


Ravi Kacholia

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Ravi is a test manager based in the United States. He recently joined the TEST Huddle Community. Ravi has an interest in the area of management. He might be interested in looking at the Learning to Test forum which has loads of conversations on the non-technical aspects of software testing.


Alin Groza

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Alin is from Romania. He works there as a software tester with the Haufe group. His main areas of interest are test process and test strategy. Alin has recently got involved in the community do welcome aboard. As well as introducing himself, Alin has got involved in the software testing forum in the popular discussion on API Testing Tools.


Roman Podolyan

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Roman is software tester working for Playtech based in the Ukraine. He has an interest in the area of mobile testing. Roman has really got involved in the community since he joined. His has contributed to the discussion on  “How Does Automation Testing Impact Manual Testing?” and the popular thread on the first bug you discovered.


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