Featured Members: Rainer Deussen, Geoff Shuebrook, Jayanthi Kodanda and Sarah Bilsborough

Last time we got to know Afreen HossainMartin MäeMichał Krukowski and Nick Malden.

This week I am featuring a few more members for you to get to know.

Rainer Deussen

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Rainer joined TESTHuddle a number of months ago. He is currently working for Capgemini in Germany as a Test Manager. Apart from that Rainer is a Youtuber. He has published a video on Youtube on State-driven testing talking about a “Non-Eulerian” digraph and transforming it into an “Eulerian” graph. You can view that video here.


Geoff Shuebrook

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Geoff is a very recent member of the TESTHuddle community having only joined a few days ago. Goeff is a test consultant based in the United States. His area of expertise is in real-time testbeds. Goeff has recently took part in a few discussion on TESTHuddle including the discussion topic Taxonomy of Software Testing Terms that a lot of TESTHuddle members are getting involved in. If you have any thoughts on the (very) wide ranging types of testing, why not join the discussion.

Jayanthi Kodanda

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Jayanthi has been a member of TESTHuddle for just over a month now and has been an active member of the community since. Jayanthi works for Sopra in the U.K. as a Test Lead. Before this she was working for Dell. Jayanthi recently contributed to the TESTHuddle blog with an article on the “Test Environment” and its uses. You can read that very interesting article here.


Sarah Bilsborough

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Sarah hails from the U.K. too and has quite a lot of experience in the software testing industry. She currently works for 5fifteen Ltd as a Test Manager. Sarah has got stuck into the forums here on TESTHuddle and was intrigued by the webinar and the following discussion hosted by Paul Gerrad with the title of “A new Model for Testing“. You can read that discussion here if you are curious.


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