Featured Members: Jakob Ravnbak, Smita Mishra & Kristian Thy

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This week our featured members are:


Jakob Ravnbak

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The man with probably one of the best profile photos on TEST Huddle. It sort of reminds me of this guy from Crash Bandicoot. Jakob is a software tester based in Denmark working for NNIT A/S. His primary interest area is Test Management. He doesn’t what he likes to do in his spare time….possibly playing Crash Bandicoot.



Smita Mishra

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Smita Mishra is the founder of QAZone Infosystems. Based in India, the company is a pure-play software testing organization. Smita has a number of years experience in the testing field especially in the area of functional and non-functional testing and test process. Smita is also a blogger too blogging on everything from context driven testing to careers for testers.


Kristian Thy

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Kristian is a test manager with UNFCCC in Germany. He was a recent attendee at the EuroSTAR Conference this year and was very grateful to Neil for writing up the daily review blog at the Conference. Kristian is bringing some unique skills to TEST Huddle. As he claims “Can’t hold a note, can’t carry a tune.”




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