Featured Members: Andrés Curcio, Thomas Mantsch and Richard Boettcher

Last time we got to know Siobhan Hunt and Teemu Vesala.


This weeks Featured Members on TEST Huddle are:


Andrés Curcio

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Andrés is a software tester based in Uruguay working for Martial Testing. He is interested in the areas of Exploratory Testing, Risk Based Testing, SBET, Test Planning, Agile, Mobile, and Web Testing. Andrés  has just become the first moderator on the TEST Huddle website. You can read more about Andrés and his background and his new role here.


Thomas Mantsch

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Thomas is a test consultant who works with  Ebcont Proconsult in Austria. Thomas has a busy life moving between two locations (London and Vienna). He is interested in the areas of Agile, SCRUM and as well as that is an organiser of the Vienna Tester Gathering events too.


Richard Boettcher

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Richard is a recent member of TEST Huddle. He hails from Milwaukee area of Wisconsin, USA. (Also the same area where Wayne’s World was based I believe). Richard works as a contract engineer and has had experience with  a huge amount of different projects including nuclear power industry to building automation systems. Richard is currently working on  integration of automated testing  to replace manual testing. I do know this because he Introduced himself to the community recently. The Introduce Yourself Forum is a great way to tell people about your background and find like minded individuals.





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