Featured Members: Alin Groza, Robin Goldsmith and Steven Cross

Last time we got to know: Novi KumalasariPeter Schrijver and Steve Warner.


This week’s  featured members are:


Alin Groza

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Alin is a software tester based in Romania. He works with the Haufe Group testing software for financial products. His main areas of interest are test process and test strategy. Alin has been involved in a lot of conversations in the community since he joined a few weeks ago. He contributed to the growing discussion on how automation and manual testing can compliment each other. There is some great debate happening there and it seems that it’s not a case of Automation Vs Manual.


Robin Goldsmith

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Robin is a test consultant specialising in a number of areas including requirements, process measurement and improvement and more. He is based in the United States. His main areas of interest include test planning. He recently commented in the thread dedicated to our search for a topic for our August webinar. If you have any ideas, do let us know.


Steven Cross

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Steven is another new members of the TEST Huddle community. He joins us from the United Kingdom where he works as a test engineer with the BBC. Steven too has been discussing the differences and similarities between automation and manual testing and has made some great points.




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