Featured Members: Alin Groza, Alexander Mundorff and Marie Danielsson

Last time we got to know Duncan NisbetMichal Wojtasiewicz and Sandra Camilovic.


This week’s  featured members are:


Alin Groza








Alin is a software tester based in Romania working with the Haufe Group. Alin tests products for financial products. More importantly though, he has recently become a moderator on TEST Huddle. Alin will pop up different parts of the community and will be taking part in different discussions as well as .


Alexander Mundorff

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Alexander is based in Austria and works for Tricentis where he leads teams in software Quality Assurance, Worldwide Customer Support, Documentation Management and Translation and IT Services. Alexander area of interest is automation. If, like Alexander, you haven’t introduced yourself to the community yet, you can do so here. It’s a great way to see how other testers came to the community and to hear about their background in testing.


Marie Danielsson

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Marie is a test engineer based in Sweden where she works for Accedo. Her interests in testing are based around Exploratory testing. Marie might be interested then in the recent conversation on TEST Huddle about the difference between checking and testing. It’s generated a lot of debate.

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