Featured Community Members: Andres Curcio, Huib Schoots & Kristoffer Nordström

Last week we got to know Matt Walters, Rob Lambert & Paulo Sargaco. Lets get to know three more community members…

Andres Curcio

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Andres is a Software Tester with Abstracta, Uruguay. His area of expertise is Exploratory Testing, Risks & Planning. Andres considers himself to be a “Software Testing Jedi Knight” who is striving to become stronger and smarter, whilst sharing knowledge with like-minded people. Help this Jedi out by joining the  Knowledge shout out! – Who are you, what can you share, what you want to learn

Andres is not the only Jedi Knight in our ranks…

Huib Schoots

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Huib is Test Consultant with Improve Quality Services, the Netherlands, and he specializes in context driven testing.

“Because testing (and any engineering activity) is a solution to a very difficult problem, it must be tailored to the context of the project, and therefore testing is a human activity that requires a great deal of skill to do well. That’s why we must study it seriously. We must practice our craft. Context-driven testers strive to become the Jedi knights of testing”. James Bach

Huib has been to 5  EuroSTAR Conferences and in 2012 he presented Changing the Context: “How a Bank Changes their Software Development Methodology”You can learn more about contest driven testing on his blog series “Why am I Context-driven

But wait, there’s still one more context driven Jedi Knight for you to meet. Say hello to…

Kristoffer Nordström

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Kristoffer is test developer and consultant with Northern Test Consulting AB, Sweden. He too is an expert on contest driven testing and has a blog called Context-driven test thoughts. Just like Huib, Kristoffer has attended 5 EuroSTAR Conferences and in 2012 he presented Why Every System Test Department Should Have a Test Developer. During his last visit to EuroSTAR he compiled a fascinating blog post which gives you a real insight into life at a EuroSTAR Conference.

Stay tuned next week to meet three more TEST Huddle members!

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