Featured Community Members: Chaya Venkateswarlu, Stuart Reid & Adina Moldovan

Last week we got to know Ben VisserAnders EkdahlFiona Charles. Lets get to know three more community members…
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Chaya is a software tester with Kantar ITP, India. His specialises in Selenium, Manual, TestNG, JUnit, Java. A good place to start would be to check out Simon Stewart’s webinar on Banishing Flakiness from Selenium Tests. You should also take a look at Scott Tilley, Tauhida Parveen and Eric Bower’s eBook on Performance Analysis of a Distributed Execution Environment for JUnit Test Cases on a Small Cluster.

Stuart Reid

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Stuart is Chief Technology Officer at Testing Solutions Group, UK.  He has 30 years’ experience in the IT industry, working in development, testing and education.  Application areas range from safety-critical to financial and media.  Stuart also supports the worldwide testing community in a number of roles.  He is convener of the ISO Software Testing Working Group, which is developing the new ISO 29119 Software Testing set of standards and is the software testing representative at BSI.  He chairs the BCS Specialist Group in Software Testing and founded ISTQB to promote software testing qualifications on a global scale.
Earlier this week Stuart Reid hosted a webinar on tester motivation in which he presented the results of a survey involving 600 testers. You can view this webinar, and download the slides, on his forum discussion.
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Our third and final community member this week is…

Adina Moldovan

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Adina is a software tester with Altom, Romania. She first attended EuroSTAR two years ago when she, and her Altom team, won our TeamSTAR video competition for a free place at the conference. Check out their winning entry..

Last year she came back to EuroSTAR for the second time but this time as a Test Lab apprentice alongside Ruud Cox. She loves being part of a Test Lab as she believes in the efficiency of learning by doing. She likes to explore applications, to play with automation frameworks, to coordinate projects, and most importantly, to work with highly motivated testers. She sees Testing as more than a job and for her became a lifestyle: from questioning things to looking for ways of continuous improvement.

Adina and Ruud will be the Test Lab Masters at EuroSTAR 2014 and we are really excited to see what they have in store.

Stay tuned next week as we meet 3 new TEST Huddle members.


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