DevOps and Test Automation Strategy for a Digital Transformation

Test automation has strengthened digital transformation projects and provided fresh ones a head start. As digital technologies are growing at a rapid pace, quality assurance teams must utilize mature test automation practices. And this will enable them to overcome time required for manual efforts, provide quick feedbacks and decreases the time to market.

The following is an excerpt of a piece of one of the informative article named “DevOps and Test Automation Strategy For Digital Transformation“, which was published in the blog of the TestingWhiz, a Code-less test automation tool. I felt like sharing the same with the Euro Star community.

The influence of digital transformation requires a level of test automation using best test automation tools and strategy that far exceeds the abilities of legacy testing process. Considering the enterprise’s demand for pace with their tolerance for risk requires continuous testing, which provides real-time insights into the application’s business prospect.




Continuous testing is being considered as a critical success factor and is also an extensive process than test automation, where in order to optimize performance, organizations gradually focus on mature application development practices and DevOps implementations. Continuous testing has its own importance and with that, test automation is broadened and bolstered by practices such as risk-based test case design and test-driven service virtualization, test data management and seamless integration into the DevOps toolchain.

In today’s world, data is considered as a key facilitator for any industry. As, test data management is crucial, it helps to organize the required data sets for building test environment and boost software quality assurance. It is very crucial for testing an application’s performance, functionality, security, and every aspect that is important for assuring the desired customer experience. Test data management thus, is essential for the success of your data strategy as well as overall testing strategy.




Similarly, when we focus on Continuous delivery approach for web and functional test automation where building an effective continuous delivery pipeline creates DevOps culture of collaboration among multiple teams, it involves in software delivery (operations, developers, quality assurance, business analysts, management, etc.) as well as reduces the time, cost and risk of delivering software changes by providing more incremental updates to applications in production.

In general, this means teams deliver software in precise cycles, assuring that the software can be surely released at any time. The only way to encourage this DevOps culture is via Behavior-Driven Development (BDD), an expansion of test-driven development that encourages collaboration between developers, QA and non-technical or business participants on a software project.

In order to accelerate the business outcomes of digital transformation, drive DevOps in 3 key perspectives which needs to be taken care in early stages:

  • Approach DevOps from a business point of view: DevOps helps you expand business benefits such as increased revenues, lower functional costs and improved customer experience, and so forth.
  • Automate whatever you can: Release management activities like static code analysis, development & testing, and deployment needs to be automated using various scripts and tools. This would incredibly enhance the quality of deliverables.
  • Get the accurate response you actually looking for continuous advancement: DevOps with a consistent focus on continuous advancement can launch organization’s capability to deliver software effectively.

So, in this era of digitalization, software is the source of deviation, and DevOps is the source to accelerate development and delivery of high-quality software.


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