Designing The Best Mobile App With MVP Ensures Its Success

If you want to design an app that will be used in the money market for funding then there are a few critical things that you need to consider and follow a specific guideline while designing it.

Remember, app development is not an overnight process and should never be done alone. There are lots of iterations that will prolong the time in building your vision. There may also be a few technical limitations, additional user feedback to be gathered and lot of other things that will shape up the road map for your app development and create a Minimum Viable Product or MVP.


About MVP

All e-commerce retails, banking and money lending sites such as focus on two basic aspects while designing their web and app. One is viability and the second is value.

  • A Minimum Viable Product is ideally the basic proof of concept.
  • It shows your basic idea behind your app to the investors and early adopters.
  • This will let your app to get into the hands of these early adopters.

Previously, in case of app development, you would require to be agile and dispatch an MVP fast. This was done so that it could grow with the help of your community and testers.

However, now there are a large variety of options available to you to build an MVP and surprisingly a few of these may not even need a code. Using these options you will be able to design the best app that will give the optimal value to your users and also help you in the funding business. A few of the useful options available now include:

  • The ability to mock up a user flow with the help of a dedicated graphic design program and
  • The ability to arrange the wireframe of the app in specific tools such as InVision.

These options and approaches will help you to get the necessary feedback as well as demo the app to investors, friends, your family, and the alpha testers. However, this may not make your app so good that the users can adopt truly.



easons to choose IONIC framework for your mobile app


The process to build an MVP app

Therefore, you may wonder what the right process to create an MVP app is. Fortunately for you, there are lots of ways in which you can build an MVP and there is also a diverse range of tools that will help you in this process.

  • If you are focused on developing mobile apps only you can use useful tools like the Siberian CMS and on the other hand
  • If you are designing apps for the web then you can use tools such as Bubble.

These are the tools that will not require using any code for you to build the app. The fully functional software will help you to design an app that you can easily distribute to the alpha testers and your users.

The right process to build an MVP fast and accurately involves a few specific steps such as:

  • Identifying and defining the ideal customer profile
  • Identifying the problems that you claim that your app can solve effectively
  • Doing a comprehensive and proper competitor analysis in order to evaluate how those specific problems identified are being solved currently
  • Defining your user goals and the specific routes that they take to accomplish them
  • Listing all of the specific features of the app that you wish to include or have included that you bet will enable the users to attain their goals and at the same time prioritize them and
  • Prototyping the app that will help your users to achieve the core goal.

This will help you to establish a brand which will be very helpful in the adoption of the app by the users. Ideally, users adopt only those things that they like to use. Therefore, you will need to ensure that you deliver them the best possible app that they will fall in love with.

In order to do that you will need to define, strengthen, and promote your brand. This will help you to dictate your terms to the type of users as well as investors that you want to attract. You will need to clearly define the foundation of the brand of your app. This can be any small firm, personality of a founder and even the people they surround them with.

When you consider the most basic aspects of creating a consistent brand, you will need to consider and get together the following assets:

  • The name of the app
  • The domain of the app
  • The color palette
  • The logo
  • The font palette and
  • All other social assets such as the header and content templates.

In addition to that, you should also take some times and look at your competitors, the industry you want to work in, the types of users, and the brands that may have caught your attention. All this knowledge will help you a great deal in the product data analytics.


Few points to remember

An MVP is the perfect app to build if you are aiming any developers or any other datadriven professionals. However, you will need to be a bit cautious about the copy as well as the product name as these will be a bit more technical in an MVP as compared to any standard app. It will also differ in several other aspects such as the:

  • Colors
  • Visual depth and

Just make sure that your MVP is able to capture the sci-fi feeling that is the most synonymous with the data science. Consider what you specifically want your app to evoke with the look and feel and the tone of voice your users would like to respond to.

Lastly, consider the feedback from MVP launch market research further to refine your app as you go.


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