On This Day in Technology History – September 7th

A guide to the historic events that happened on this day in technology history; SegaNet is launched and Google co-founded.



1998 – Google is co-foundedGoogle 1998

Programmers Larry Page and Sergey Brin co-found the search engine, Google. The name is derived from the term Googol, a term invented by Milton Sirotta, is a term referenced a one followed by one hundred zeros that is intended to reflect the company’s mission to organise the infinite information available on the internet. The name Google comes about after an investor mistakenly makes out a cheque to “Google”.



2000 – SegaNet Launched

Sega launches the SegaNet online gaming network. The SegaNet is designed to alllow Dreamcast players to play against other players via the dial-up network. The service lasted just 11 months.





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