Blogspy 162: Our Round-up of the best software testing blogs

Welcome to this week’s Blog Spy. This week’s best of software testing blog posts features debating test automation tools, how you can’t buy DevOps, Start-Up Series and more.

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Tools: Take Your Pick Part 1 – James Thomas

Sunday morning cleaning the cupboards, James starts thinking about tools.

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Is Test Automation A Silver Bullet? – Prashant Hegde

Prashant explores in detail if test automation is the answer to imrpve the results of software testing?

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A Model of Automating – Alan Richardson

Alan discusses tools and code in automation, when he uses both or either and what and why he uses them for.

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You Can’t Buy DevOps – Matthew Heusser

Matthew explains why it’s not possible to simply create a DevOps environment in a company but has some useful tips on how to start the process.

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Can You Read Cucumber Specs? Developing The Right Product –  Andrei Domuta

Is Cucumber the key to getting to the development of the right product? Andrei argues it is and here presents the argument why being able to read specs is good for everyone involved.

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What if information isn’t enough? – Ash Winter

Presenting at non-testing events has given Ash some food for thought on the components of software testing and leads him to questions that he wasn’t expecting.

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Start-Up Series: Understand Who Your Customer Is And The Route To Market – Gordon Marsh

Contuining our start-up Series posts on the a software testing start-up, Gordon reveals how he had to learn the hard way about who his target customer is and how to target them.

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