Chatbot Maturity Model: To Evaluate and Improve your Bot

As per Gartner, it is predicted 85% of enterprises will use chatbot or voice for customer services and engagements. With the increase customer engagement, customer services improve the brand experience and deliver actionable insight to business and with 24/7 availability to help customers with queries.

In the early days, we used to learn different languages to make our system/application understand how to do an actionable step. Now with the advancement in technology using NLP models, algorithms with a bot, simple natural language is understood by the application to take an actionable step. Therefore, there is exponential growth in the usage of messaging apps and as an enterprise, they leverage the shift in consumer behavior and foresee the growth of usage of bots. However, many companies are failing to deliver the right bot for their business.

This is because your bot is not saying the right thing at the right time. A Chatbot maturity model is based on in-house expertise on chatbot development and using performance bench-marking parameters for the Bot driver which helps companies to evaluate their bot and make recommendations to achieve a more futuristic level. It is not always required to impersonate humans; to boost business outcomes and deliver a superior experience.

Regardless of whether you’ve just begun your chatbot journey or you’re considering more complex chatbot experiences for your customers, here are three tools to help you evaluate your progress.
a. Chatbot maturity levels
b. Key bot drivers
c. A key focus area for maturity

Chatbot Maturity Levels

Understand the user journey, the business expected value to develop a chatbot with the standard process and technical aspects then start working on the development. With a proven methodology and key parameters used as bot driver as a key focus group which helps the enterprise to develop, evaluate and improve their bot. You can take the help of chatbot maturity levels to estimate the health of your bot for market-ready. This helps the enterprise to know the stage and levels of chatbot in the market and to know the gap with respect to the characteristics of bot they are looking for.

Level and stages of bot
Level and stages of bot

Key Bot Drivers

To deliver a marvelous experience using a chatbot is difficult if you do not know the key drivers for the bot. It requires multiple technologies, processes, standards, business, functional expertise. Here, our bot driver developed from the performance bench-marking key focus parameters act as a pillar for your chatbot development and enhancement.

Bot drivers
Bot drivers

Key Focus area for Maturity

Where your bot is deployed you can use our questionnaire to get a recommended plan on how to improve and where is the gaps are at a minute level, as we have divided key bot drivers further into key focus areas for each bot drivers and given weightage to each question based on your project requirement and business expect value. Once you assess your bot you get the recommendation plan and detailed result with a timeline to implement.

Maturity model evaluation
Maturity model evaluation

Get your Bot to say the Right Things at the Right Time

We define a roadmap for the futuristic chatbot with the following steps:

  • Assess the details of the current situation
  • Define the key areas of improvement in bot practices
  • Determine a detailed roadmap to create world-class chatbot practice
  • Recommend based on detail result and maturity level

With very few standards in chatbot practices and development, our chatbot maturity model provides step by step guidance, detailed report, recommendations and roadmap to achieve a futuristic stage in the chatbot.

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