Celebrating Snake Day – Top 4 Python Resources

On the 16th July the globe was celebrating World Snake Day. That’s right, this is a hashtag that will spread across the social media platforms to highlight this not so cuddly animal. And yes, in our software testing world, we don’t mean an actual snake, but a a unit testing framework. 🐍EuroSTAR Huddle has tons of Python related articles, webinars and eBooks but let’s highlight a few of them today. Here are our top picks:


Webinar: Scrolls of Wisdom and Magic Incantations in Python

This webinar with Kristoffer Nordstrom happened recently but you can listen to it anytime here. Kristoffer is a Test Consultant from Sweden and in this talk, he shows several different short examples of what you can use Python for when working as a tester in your day-to-day activities. With this webinar you will learn Python recipes/tools/inspiration to help you day-to-day and also learn Python ideas on what testers/test developers can use Python for to help them with their thinking testing.

eBook: Python Scripting Essentials

This is the ultimate guide that teaches you how to use Python to protect your systems against sophisticated cyber attacks.

Learn to utilize your Python scripting skills to pentest a computer system, network, and web-application. Get proficient at the art of assessing vulnerabilities by conducting effective penetration testing. Some of the key takeaways are:

  • Learn to configure Python in different environment setups
  • Find an IP address from a web page using BeautifulSoup and Scrapy
  • Discover different types of packet sniffing script to sniff network packets
  • Master layer-2 and TCP/ IP attacks.




Nothing better than Python jokes created by The Coding Love 🙂 This website has tons of amazing and humorous memes on Python, worth checking out.






eBook: Effective Python Penetration Testing

This eBook extract from ‘Effective Python Penetration Testing‘ will concentrate on Chapter 1: Python Scripting Essentials. It will begin by providing you with an overview of Python scripting and penetration testing. You will learn to analyse network traffic by writing Scrapy scripts and will see how to fingerprint web applications with Python libraries such as Scrapy and urllib2.

Material covered in this PDF eBook:

  1. Setting up the scripting environment (Mac/Linux/Windows)
  2. Installing third-party libraries
  3. Working with virtual environments
  4. Using virtualenv and virtualwrapper
  5. Python Language Essentials


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