Case Study – Biometric App for Government Elections

Case Study - Biometric App for Government Elections

We tested Colombia´s “Governmental Biometric
Application” for Congress Elections. GreenSQA developed a fast, reliable software test automation
framework and a “blue print” to test biometric authentication and citizen registration applications. The testing software was integrated with Visual Studio 2013 and supported on Microsoft ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) to manage, develop and execute 26.000+ automated functional test cases and analyzed 1027 terabytes of database rows in just 9 days.

About the Author

Juan Carlos

GreenSQA SA is a Colombian company, with knowledge and more than 13 years of experience in software testing and implementation of standards, methodologies and models used in the software industry worldwide for Quality Assurance of both, software products and software development process. Since late 2002, when GreenSQA started operations, have been responsible for ParqueSoft’s Quality Strategy, thanks to which the methodology has been exposed to multiple work conditions (technology platforms, software development languages, databases, programming paradigms, infrastructure and communications, multiple economy sectors, ranges of complexity, product sizes, human teams) and additionally received the benefit of national and international cooperation projects with Colciencias, Carana the World Bank and others, for the sole purpose of making our service, world class. To date we have been successfully executed about 15.000 testing processes in different economy sectors such as: Telecommunications, Financial, Healthcare, Solidarity, government, Educational and Commercial, likewise have successfully completed projects implementing Quality Management Systems based in the ISO9001 and CMMI®-Dev1.3 in multiple organizations. This condition allowed us to be in continuous improvement of ours methodologies and practices for testing and software quality assurance. Our main goal in GreenSQA is to provide our experience, knowledge and methodology for software development teams or areas of IT for development, maintenance and/or acceptance of their applications to ensure product conformity and integration solutions to its functional and non-functional purpose, by the use and transfer of proven test methodologies.
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