Blogspy 237: Round-Up of Testing Blog Posts This Week

Blogspy is back for another edition of Blogspy. Stay updated with our round-Up of testing blog posts this week. Each week we bring you our favourite QA and testing blog posts by the testing  community. This week we feature posts on RESTful API’s, debating, decluttering, Selenium, working with developers and more.


Tips on How to Declutter your Work Life As A Software Tester | Jessica Cyrus

How do you resist getting bored by the tasks you ahve to complete each day? This post from Jessica shares some ideas on how to achieve that.

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Selenium Jenkins Integration – A Testing Guide | Archana Yadav

A simple, easy to follow guide on integrating Selenium with Jenkins. This post features screenshots with an easy to follow step-by-step guide on how to manage the intergration.

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What to Pack When You Go Bug Hunting? | Joel Montvelisky

Bug hunting needs preparation. In this post Joel shares what you should plan to have for a bug hunt.

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How To Selenium: Page Objects- App Design Pattern | Anton Angelov

The tenth article from the WebDriver Page Objects Series.  This post shares how to create a single place for handling the WebDriver initialisation and creation of page objects.

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Collaborating with Developers | One Man

A post that shares some tip when you as a tester have to work with developers. This post looks as how to make the most out of this relationship.

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Uncovering Hidden Boundary Values in Testing | John Ruberto

Boundary Value Analysis plays a part in test design. This article examines hidden boundaries, looking at some examples along with some tips to design your test plan in order to reveal hidden boundaries.

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Introduction to REST Requests | Kristin Jackvony

RESTful APIs are becoming more common in testers lives as microservice model’s for applications are used more and more. However many testers do not know how easy it is to test RESTful API’s. In this post Kristin explores how it is possible.

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On “Testing vs Checking” and other Oppositions – Dialectics and Deconstruction | Paul Maxwell-Walters

As part of a series of posts on postmodernism and testing, in this post, Paul looks at the nature of oppositional debate and how that has taken place in testing.

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